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Assessing Without Levels

Dear Parents and Carers,

In September, the new National Curriculum was introduced.  This curriculum is part of the government’s initiative to improve the level of academic attainment of young people and in many areas of the curriculum the standard of knowledge, skills and understanding has been raised. Additionally the new curriculum has a greater focus on broadening children’s learning and ensuring they are ‘secure’ in their new skills. At St Crispin’s we have prepared for this for a long time.  Our staff have been working very hard to deliver the new curriculum, with its different expectations, using a topic based approach. Each term we share with you a broad outline of what we are teaching using a topic web.

The former national curriculum assessment levels (2a, 2b, etc) are no longer used, however no new levels for assessment have been introduced nationally. We are therefore in a new era of ‘assessing without levels’. There is now no national requirement from the government as to how schools should assess and record progress. It is therefore up to each school to develop its own system. At St Crispin’s we have considered a number of different systems and developed one we feel will be suitable and useful.

This assessment format allows the teachers to assess the pupils’ learning three times a year against a given set of criteria.  This will let us know whether children are on track to achieve the end of year expectation. We will talk to you about your child’s learning in terms of whether or not he/she is working at an age appropriate level. Most importantly, we will let you know what aspects of a subject each child has learnt securely and what aspects each child still needs support with.  Children who are achieving particularly well are provided with a range of learning opportunities that offer a greater depth and breadth of understanding specific to their year group. This is instead of being taught skills from a higher year group, and is a fundamental approach of the new curriculum.

If you would like to know more about this process or have any questions, please take a look at our website or speak to myself, Mrs Hyett or your child's class teacher. 

With thanks for your continued support with your child’s learning.

Mrs L Davidson

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