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Phase 3

The purpose of this phase is to:

  • teach more graphemes, most of which are made of two letters, for example, ‘oa’ as in boat
  • practise blending and segmenting a wider set of CVC words, for example, fizz, chip, sheep, light
  • learn all letter names and begin to form them correctly
  • read more tricky words and begin to spell some of them read and write words in phrases and sentences

CVC words containing graphemes made of two or more letters

Here are some examples of words your children will be reading: tail, week, right, soap, food, park,burn, cord, town, soil

Their confidence from the daily experience of practising and applying their phonic knowledge to reading and writing is really paying off!

Tricky words

The number of tricky words is growing. These are so important for reading and spelling: he, she, we,me, be, was, my, you, her, they, all

Ways you can support your children at home

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