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Phase 5

In phase 5 children will:

  • Be taught further graphemes for reading -.’ay’ in day/play, ‘ir’ in girl/dirt, ‘ou’ in out/round, ‘ea’ in eat/read, ‘au’ in Paul...
  • Be taught alternative pronunciations for graphemes – ‘ow’ in cow or blow, ‘ch’ in chin/school/chef, ‘ou’ in out/shoulder/you...
  • Be taught alternative spellings for phonemes e.g. phoneme ‘a’ spelt as ‘ai in rain, ‘eigh’ in eight, ‘ey’ in they, ‘ei’ in vein ‘ay’ in stay and a-e in cake....
  • Recognise graphemes in reading words.
  • Practise reading and spelling high-frequency (common) words.
  • Practise reading and spelling two-syllable and three-syllable words.
  • Practice reading and writing sentences.
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