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At St Crispin’s we aim to motivate children to write; we believe they should regard writing as a pleasure. We achieve this by using the following strategies:

Talk for Writing

In all year groups, Talk for Writing is given a high priority - to develop speaking and listening skills which will improve writing skills. Children are given many opportunities to act out ideas, discuss with peers, and to plan before they write. In year 1 children have a whole morning of acting, talking and planning their writing followed by another morning to write and edit their work alongside an adult. In year 2 they have an ‘All Write’ morning, which involves acting, talking and planning before then writing and editing their work.

Writing for Pleasure

Children are encouraged to write for many reasons, not only in their writing lesson time. We also provide opportunities for children to write for their own purposes. In year 1 children are given opportunities to write every day through our ‘active learning’ approach. There will be different challenges for the children to access each day (indoors and outdoors) which offer the opportunity to write. In both year 1 and 2 in ‘CLIMB TIME’, children can choose what they want to write each week with a variety of exciting stimuli provided.

Writing across the Curriculum

We aim for high standards of writing not only in our writing lessons but in all lessons across the curriculum. Children are encouraged to be proud of their work and to use the schools’ cursive handwriting approach in all lessons. We encourage children to edit their work and use a variety of resources to aid their spelling, including word mats, dictionaries and their own word books.

The Sentence Train


In  KS1 children use the Sentence Train to help them understand different types of words and how they can be used in a sentence

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