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Our Vision

At St Crispin’s School we aim to equip our children with attitudes and values that will lead to success in later life. All children are respected as individuals and we have high expectations of everyone.

We believe that children should be enthusiastic about learning and enjoy challenge. Our goal is to develop independent learners, with high self esteem, who feel secure enough to take risks and make mistakes. We want our children to grow to be happy, healthy and educated citizens who are well prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences they will face in future life.

We will achieve this by ensuring our staff are highly trained and keen to embrace new ideas. Active learning is promoted and effort and perseverance are highly valued.  St Crispin’s provides a cheerful environment and a creative curriculum; success in every area is valued and celebrated. We provide appealing and engaging learning opportunities and make good use of the outside environment as well as our classrooms. Children are regarded as individuals and learning experiences are personalised, catering for specific needs.

We work closely in partnership with parents and carers to ensure each pupil achieves his/her full potential. Our children are at the heart of everything we do.

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